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Rob is Co-Owner of Cortica Creative Design and writes about graphic design for marketing and advertising. He loves fonts and typography, Bauhaus, Mirò, Max Beckmann, wine, anything with chocolate, and dabbling in various aspects of linguistics. Follow him on Twitter at @RobTDuvall or connect on

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5 Essential Elements for Web Banners That Convert to Sales

Does your web banner have what it takes to convert from clicks to sales? Banners and promotional graphics are as ubiquitous on the web as celebrity gossip and playful pet photos (or disgruntled pet photos -- take your pick). But...

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How to Improve Your Copywriting by Avoiding Buzzwords

Fads come and go.  This is true in any segment or industry, and it is perhaps even more true in marketing. One of the many ways that fads show themselves in the marketing realm is through buzzwords. A trendy word or...

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How to Get Free Insight Using Twitter Analytics [Archived Post]

*Update: Since the writing of this article, Twitter has opened analytics access to all of its users, regardless of their account status or whether they engage in advertising. I am leaving the information and steps below for reference, for...

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Tips for a Marketing Message that Sparks an “Electric” Reaction

Getting your marketing message out to potential customers is relatively easy in the interconnected modern world. In fact, there are so many ways and channels to communicate your message that sometimes the only real hurdle is, where do you...

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Graphic Art Basics and File Types for Marketing Creative

Have you ever been asked for an EPS of your logo?  Vector artwork for a t-shirt? Is your brain spinning in circles right now trying to guess at what either of those might mean? When working with artwork for creative materials...

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How to Create Professional Marketing Materials

When it comes to marketing your business, it's almost guaranteed that you will need a set of materials for engaging with customers.  These can be print materials or digital, or more likely a combination of the two, and will...

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4 Workarounds for Marketing Graphics When Fonts Are Limited

Graphic designers love fonts.  That's pretty much a given. But there are times when, for whatever reason, you or your designer might be limited in terms of the fonts that they have available or that you're allowed to use in...

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Graphic Marketing 101: Working with a Graphic Designer on Creative Projects

So you're interested in working with a graphic designer to create some marketing materials for your business.  Awesome! Whether you're interested in a brochure, promotional flyer, email campaign or a set of banner ads for your website, there are a...

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Why Charging for Revisions is Essential for Graphic Designers

We've all been there.  A new graphic design project starts off great:  You're full of ideas, your client is excited about what you're creating for them, and the project takes shape based on what you talked with them about. Then...

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Top Questions for Graphic Designers to Ask Clients When Starting New Projects

Getting started with a new graphic design project or client graphic work is an invigorating and exciting time for designers. It's also a crucial time to gather information. First Step: Pencils Down Before you jump too far into sketching and brainstorming,...

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