How to Create Professional Marketing Materials

When it comes to marketing your business, it’s almost guaranteed that you will need a set of materials for engaging with customers.  These can be print materials or digital, or more likely a combination of the two, and will vary based on the type of business you have and how you ideally wish for it to operate.

How do you go about creating quality marketing materials that will perform for your business?  Follow these steps:


1. Define your image and branding

If you haven’t already, it is essential first to establish what your company stands for, what your mission and goals are, and the type of image that you want your brand to convey.  Knowing these will help the designers and consultants you hire apply a consistent theme across all materials and graphics that they create.  If you’re not sure what your image is yet, start by working with a designer to develop a logo and brand identity for your business — before creating any specific marketing materials.


2. Outline your key communication point(s)

This can be anything from your top service to a new product you’ve created, a special promotion, sale, announcement, etc.  Make sure you are clear on what information you wish to communicate and to whom.  To do this…


3. Define your audience

Are you seeking new leads, targeting existing customers, reactivating previous customers who haven’t engaged recently, or maybe something else?

Depending on the type of material you have in mind, defining your audience may be very straightforward.  As a very simple example, business cards are used primarily for engaging with new contacts and prospective customers, but they can equally be given to existing clients.  On the flip side, a brochure or email explaining how to set up a new account has little value to current customers who are already familiar with your services.  Identify specifically who can benefit from what you’re offering and set an intention early on for how you plan to communicate with them.


4. Set a clear strategy

Create a marketing and sales strategy for monetizing your particular product or service.  Doing this involves, you guessed it, marketing research in your field as well as identifying the tools that you’ll need for executing your strategy (marketing materials and creative are just one of these tools).  Check out some of these top creative tools and resources for marketing professionals.


5. Hire an experienced designer

With graphic designers and creative artists, you typically get what you pay for.  Freelancer sites can get you a bargain-basement rate if you’re desperate, but to produce quality materials you’ll want to work with a seasoned graphic designer who can bring your ideas to full form and with whom you can develop an ongoing, personal relationship — one that grows with your business.

The more this individual gets to know you, your products and services, the more they can contribute to the success of your marketing, because they will understand your business and how it really works.  In addition, they will be available to communicate with you directly (as opposed to being restricted by a site interface or portal) to talk through ideas, answer questions and become an extension of your business team.


Need help with marketing graphics and materials?  Contact us or get a quote for your project.



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