Tips for a Marketing Message that Sparks an “Electric” Reaction

Getting your marketing message out to potential customers is relatively easy in the interconnected modern world. In fact, there are so many ways and channels to communicate your message that sometimes the only real hurdle is, where do you start?

But what about the message itself: What are you sharing with others, what are you offering…what are you EXCITED about?

This third question is crucial.  How is your message going to create excitement in those who receive it?  What about it is going to spark an “electric” reaction in them?

Like an electric charge, a sense of excitement is what will most dramatically motivate the members of an audience to become your audience.  And even more importantly, it’s what will compel them to take action and become advocates for your brand, products and services.

Here are three great ways to produce a marketing message that creates an “electric” reaction:


1.  Focus on making a connection

Electricity is about transferring energy.  There is an existing want or need (negative pole) and a drive (positive pole) to fill that want/need through an exchange.

Same thing goes for your audience.  They have needs and desires, spanning a full range of levels.  The idea is to speak to them from the same place of excitement as the drive that is compelling you to create your products and use your talents in offering services to others.

The motivation that you have for offering what you do is the yin to the yang of those who can benefit from it, whether it be a physical product, service offering, idea or ideology.  This creates the connection between you and them.


2.  Find words that speak to emotion, not to logic.

Logic works well for sharing facts and information, but relating to your brand on an emotional level is what will compel people to make it part of their lives.

To allow this to happen, help them feel positive emotions about you and what you’re offering, and link those with a driving force.

Help your audience feel positive emotions about you, and link those with a driving force.

Start by culling through a list of action verbs and combining them with words that relate to the attributes or virtues of what you’re offering, or even with your name/brand itself.  See which ones resonate with you as you read them.  Which words and turns of phrase make you feel vibrant and excited?  Note these and use them when brainstorming, composing and testing your message.


Photo by Chad Cogdill

Photo by Chad Cogdill


3.  Choose colors for graphics and branding that correspond to the emotions you’re speaking to

Color carries with it an inherent emotional charge.  You experience this anytime a color catches your eye and draws you toward an object (or repels you from it).

Science and empirical testing have found that colors prompt certain moods and feelings.  You can use this to your advantage in marketing by incorporating a particular color or color scheme into the branding and creative for your messaging.

Some of the more common associations with color:



Red: provocative, excitement, high-energy


Orange: extroverted, vitality, happiness, playfulness


Yellow: enlightening, intellectual, imaginative


Green: soothing, natural, healthy


Blue: reliable, clean, trustworthy, confident


Violet: regal, spiritual, sensual, complex


In addition, men and women have traditionally had different perceptions of and reactions to color, which can work to your advantage if you’re focusing on communicating with one sex/gender more than the other.  KISSmetrics has a great breakdown of color preferences by gender based on their own specific research.  Some key takeaways:

  • The majority of both men and women cite blue as a favorite color.
  • Women typically distinguish a broader range of colors than men.
  • Women gravitate toward softer colors while men prefer bright ones.
  • Men accept achromatic colors (such as grey and black) more readily than women.


What types of marketing messages feel “electric” to you when you see and read them?  What gets you most excited about your own products and services?  Let us know with a comment below.






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