What types of marketing materials and creative do I need to have for my business?

It totally depends on your particular business and the goals that you have in mind (whether they be long-term, short-term or both). Traditionally speaking, some of the most common materials are collateral like brochures, sell sheets, booklets, white papers and product documentation, and direct mail pieces (such as newsletters and postcards). In the online age, these also have many digital counterparts in the form of infographics, web banners and header images, downloadable documents and PDFs, and email campaigns. The strongest marketing programs include a combination of both types of materials in their overall strategy.


I have no idea which graphic materials to start with. What should I do?

If you’re not sure of your goals yet or what types of materials you need (or perhaps which materials you wish to focus on developing first), we are happy to consult with you to discuss ideas and make suggestions.


How much does it cost?

The cost comes down to how much time is involved to conceptualize, create and finalize the design for the materials you request, plus any additional costs to implement the project (such as printing or distribution). This is typically spelled out in the form of an estimate after speaking with you or exchanging emails detailing your specific needs and goals. Each project is custom based on your objectives and desired scope. We provide a written quote for the total time we anticipate spending on the design (all estimates are approximate), plus any additional services being provided, such as copywriting, printing, email setup and so forth. Contact us for more information or get a quote now for your project.


How does the design process work?

Depending on the type of project, typically you’ll speak with us on the phone to tell us about your business and the type of creative you’re looking for, or you’ll exchange emails with us to the same effect. You’ll receive a written proposal spelling out estimated costs for the work (all estimates are approximate) and an anticipated timeline. No work is begun until the proposal is approved in writing. Once we have approval, you will receive a proof, typically by email, within the agreed upon timeline. If you have changes after seeing the proof, we will make those based on your input and send the additional proof(s) for review. The number of proofs we create and send is determined by your budget and our agreement with you spelled out in the proposal you receive. Once you give final approval, we will either send you the finished creative or will submit the art to a vendor for printing.


Does your design fee include printing?

No. That is quoted separately, based on the quantity that you require, and is included in the proposal of work so that you will know the cost before beginning the project.


I have a preferred vendor. Can you work with them?

Yes. We are happy to send finished art to a preferred vendor.


I am new at this and do not have a vendor. Can you handle that?

Yes. We can obtain a quote based on the quantity of pieces or items that you need, include it in our proposal of work, and send the finished art directly to the vendor, who will ship it to you or your client as needed. All payment for printing is required upfront (no art will be submitted to the vendor until full printing payment is received).


I’ve been told that my logo uses a PMS color. What does that mean?

PMS colors are part of the Pantone[R] Color Matching System. They are their own specific colors of ink, as opposed to combinations of ink layers or standard color combinations like other color systems use. Think of PMS colors like paint chips at the hardware store. You can select an exact PMS color for your logo using one of Pantone[R]’s printed books — like you would when picking out a paint color for a room in your house — and thereby know what the true color of your logo will be when it is printed. This is different from selecting a color based on what you see on your monitor or something printed from your home or office printer, which is only an approximation.


I have some images of my own that I would like you to use in my creative materials. Can you do that?

Typically, yes, but not in every case. It depends on the quality of the images and the size that you need them to appear. Images that are very small in their base size, blurry and/or low resolution will not always be usable (particularly in printed materials or on promotional products). In addition, we cannot use any copyrighted images for which you do not own rights, such as photos or illustrations by others found in online image searches and directories or taken from someone else’s website.


I have some stock photos that I bought. Can you use those?

Yes, totally! Send them our way and we’ll confirm that they’re the right size for use in your project.


My question isn’t answered here. What do I do? Help!

Worry not. You can contact us or send an email to info [at] corticadesign [dot] com with your specific question(s) at any time.